Grand Champion Amarogue It Hadtobeyou

May 1999 to November 2015. RIP

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My handsome boy Dillon was 9 years old in May 2008





Dillon March 2009








Grand Champion Grizabella Louella Deville


5.9.2001 to 29.2.2012

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Tupin at 7 weeks (Oct2001)

Tupin with her brother







Tupin 1 year old

Tupin with her first baby Molly, April 2003









Tupin age 2

Tupin age 2







GRCH Grizabella Louella Deville

Tupin February 2012










Rextopia's Big Bamboo

Jan 2016 - Jan 2019

Colour: Cream Burmese Pointed
Blood Group B

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Our wonderful Dexter. A kind sweet natured boy who left us far too early. He had just come into retirement when we found a lump in his tummy. RIP my adorable young man








Grizabella Isadora

April 2016 - Jan 2018

Dora was such a loving sweet girl. Very much like her mum Milena. Dora and Dexter grew up together and became first loves.  My wonderful Dora had a very short life








CH Grizabella Raphaela

Dec 2003 - Sept 2017

My larger than life Ella. She had an enormous personality, appetite and voice. A real ‘in your face’ Devon Rex who left a very big hole in our lives







Grizabella Xotica Milena

Aug 2012 - July 2018

Milena was the most adorable girl. She would often sit on my desk beside my keyboard while I worked. I would often turn my head and catch her gazing intently into my eyes. We'd would lock eyes like this for what seemed like minutes. She was my very special love and is missed so very much.


She is a very sweet loving girl full of kisses